Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Play Day and Hero!

The Play Day was awesome! We had, at last count, 37 greyhounds out running and playing together! It was awesome! The human company wasn't too bad either :o) Overall it was a greyt day! I think everyone, hound and human alike, had a fantastic time. It was a little cool at times, mostly when the wind was kickin', but it was fun. I have more pictures to upload to my image site and will post the link when I do.

The second happening of the day was us getting a new foster. I came home form the Play Day with one more hound than I came with! Who knew 4 greyhounds would fit in a Scion xb!!!! I NEVER believed it was possible, but 4 tired greyhound will fit! So anyway, I came home with Causey's Hero, AKA "Hero". He is a very calm, quiet and sweet 3 year old white and red boy. He is just so cute! I'm interested to see if he becomes more active and such in our house, but it's cool too if he doesn't. He seems like he will be an easy foster. I sure hope so. No crating. We shall see what tomorrow brings....

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