Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some fun stuff.....

So, once again, I delay posting for a while. I mean the best, life just gets in the way of blogging. It happens....

Well, foster #9 has come and gone. We only had little miss Savy for 4 days I believe. She has moved on to what will hopefully be her forever home. She had been in a home for almost 2 years, and was returned because of a change in the family. She is currently be fostered with a family that adopted her sister. Last I heard, all was well, so let's keep our fingers and paws crossed that they decide to adopt her!

As for my hounds, they are all doing well. I was on a training kick for a little bit and actually managed to teach Anna to lie down on command, at least to a sphinx position. That works for me. She is even getting to where she will even do it if she is excited. The boys haven't learned much yet. Anna kind of already had the idea about down, so I just brought it up more and she caught on. I would love to teach them all more commands, I just have to make the time.

I bought a big rabbit stuffie from the sale bin at Petsmart last weekend. It's about 32 inches long. The hounds, particularly Dax, love it. He has tried twice to bring it outside with him in the morning. It's quite cute. He stands there waiting for me to put on muzzles and open the door and he just holds it in his mouth. The first time, he dropped it when I got his muzzle ready. The second time, I had to put the other two out and take it from him. Silly boy.

Berry White got a new toy as well. Berry loves his soccer ball, but we have seen these things called a "Jolly Ball." It's actually a horse toy. They make some small ones for dogs too. Anyhow, when we went to tractor supply last night (Anna came along) we picked up their food and bought a medium horse Jolly Ball for Berry. It's just a blue rubber ball with a handle on it. It's not inflated, so he can't pop it. It's just a heavier rubber ball so it's stays round without air in it. He loves it. I will have to try to get some video of him playing with it this weekend. He loves playing with the balls outside. He throws them around, chews on them, chases them when we kick or throw them, and so on. He just loves to play!

One last note is that we have scheduled our photo shoot for the GPA-LA/MS 2010 calendar. I hope we can make it in again this year. Not only that, but come up with something as cool as last year - the hinie shot! It was the December photo and everyone loved it! Their butts were famous in the group! I have a few ideas and the photo ladies are on board, so we will see what we can come up with!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Howlidays was a few weeks ago....

So we went to Howlidays oh, 3 weekends ago. Friday and half of Saturday were quite rainy. The pups handled it quite well. On Saturday, there were a few things going on at the hotel, including a greyhound scavenger hunt, easter egg hunt, dinner, fashion show, raffle and auction. Out hounds behaved so very well in the hotel.

On Sunday, we traveled to Ebro Greyhound Park. There were tons of vendors. Anna was able to do a fun run. They only let them run down part of one straight. Anna was clocked at 35 mph, but we are sure she could have gone faster if she could run further and was actually chasing something.

Overall, it was a greyt weekend. We hung out with some greyt people, met some new greyt people and hounds, and had tons of fun. Who could ask for more.

Pictures of the weekend can be found at:

A video of Anna's run is here:

As for home life, things have been quite calm. I'm working on a descent sized greyhound painting. I'll post about it once I am done, which should be this week. The hounds have been doing well. Everyone is eating and we don't have a foster right now. This weekend is a GPA Play Day. It should be fun. We had 37 hounds last time, so I'm hoping for a repeat.

I'm also hoping to maybe change my blog a little. I'm kinda of jealous because I really like the style Tim's blog is written in. I just need to take more time and mine could be better...