Sunday, March 22, 2009

Andrew was adopted and Howlidays is coming!

Once again, too long since the last post, but things are calming down in the next few weeks, so I should get to being more regular again.

On March 7th, Andrew was adopted. A wonderful family with two kids adopted him and he is doing so well. He did just fine with their cats and plays well with the kids. Another cool thing is that they should see his brother Bud at some events around New Orleans. I hope they do. When we handed Andy over, we did so at the Meet & Greet in Denham Springs. I knew right away that they would be fine for Andy. They even let him choose his own first toy at the store! It was so cute!

Other recent news, the hounds spent 8 days at Lesley's. We picked them up yesterday. Overall, they did well. Berry White chose to sleep in an open kennel every night and even jumped into an upper kennel once! Anna slept with Lesley in the bed most of the week. Dax, well, he's Dax. He couldn't figure it out the first night, so she crated him, then he cried. She brought him back to her room again, and then he was okay and slept on a dog bed there the rest of the week. Everyone ate well and behaved well. It was a good first experience leaving them somewhere. Thanks again Lesley!

Now for this weekend.... it is the Howliday event at Ebro, Florida. The event is being held by the GPA-EC group, which is where most of GPA-LA/MS's hounds come from. Event info can be found at I'll take plenty of pictures and share them here.