Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our foster Gus and Hurricane Gustav

So first Gus, and then to Gustav.

Back on August 12th or 13th, there was a raid by animal control in a nearby town. Link to the story can be found here. Anywway, many animals were taken, including 3 greyhounds. They were very malnourished and underweight. Our group got the greys and is taking care of them now. They now have new names and are working on new lives. The first male is now called Ernie. (they were all retired racers, so we know who they were and I won't get into the backstory too much.) Ernie has already been adopted by our Baton Rouge placement rep's. He is a 3 year old brindle boy. They now have 6 greys in their house! Next is a 4 year old white and brindle female who is now being called Bella. She is being fostered with Dax's brother Bud's family. If things work well, they are considering keeping her. And we are fostering a 3 year old red boy who is now being called Gus. (how ironic huh?) Gus is quite sweet. He is adjusting pretty well. No accidents so far. He doesn't chew or steal. He did a little counter-surfing at first, but we have curtailed that so far. He crates well. He does jump over baby-gates though. He will most likely need a home with another greyhound and with a 6' wood privacy fence. We think he would jump a 4' chainlink with little effort.

And now in Gustav....we have been watching for the past week as things have progressed and now we are preparing for a potential hit. It could be quite a big deal. We are just watching the weather and waiting. We have food until into next week for both us and the hounds. We are far enough inland that we don't have to worry about storm surge, flooding or anything like that. We are just hanging in there. I will try to post throughout the storm if possible, if not as soon as I can once it's over.

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