Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustave - Post 1 (Sunday Morning)

It is 9:47 am on Sunday August 31st. Hurricane Gustav is coming. We may start seeing rain this afternoon to early evening from the outer bands. The intensity at impact and once inland keeps changing. We just have to see what happens. AT this point, most everything is going to be shut-down on Tuesday. We don't know about work and won't know until Tuesday morning. Will the storm be over here? How widespread will the power outages be? We won't know until we get there.

I think the hounds should handle this pretty well. Anna and Berry White are not phased by much. Gus seems to be the same. Dax doesn't like bad weather, so we will see how he does. I am considering giving him a benedryl to help calm him, but I have not decided yet.

We know some people that are leaving or have already left further south. One of our closest greyhound friends is in Kenner in the hospital with her husband who cannot be moved. She will weather the storm there with him. She has some other greyhound people from Gulfport, MS who have offered to stay at her place and care for her hounds. I'm glad someone was able to do that.

Now we continue to wait.

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