Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She passed, Anna eats, we have a new couch

So, Lacy passed her cat test. This does not mean I would leave her alone in a room full of cats, but she is definately not in immediate kill mode. She perked her ears up when she saw the kitties and then walked over and shoved her nose in their face/butt/side whatever she could get to and sniffed. Then she would walk away. Even when one of the cats ran, she perked her ears up and followed sniffing. I would suggest a muzzle and lots of supervision for a few weeks, but she should be fine in the long run. She reminded me a lot of how Dax was at first. This was in drastic contrast to Tails, her current housemate. We were not cat testing him but he was there. Wow, he wanted the cats. Ears perked, body tense, barking, the whole nine yards for the most part. he is somewhat correctable, as in he does not like to be fussed at and would generally stop, but he was a little too focused and overly interested. I would not put him in a home with a cat. MAYBE with an experienced grey owner and a cat that would defend him or herself, but even then it would be touchy. It doesn't matter though. They have no cats and never will, especially after that little show he put on at our house! No cat was ever in danger. Safety first with us. ALL the greys were muzzled both for safety during their introductions and time in the yard as well for the cats safety in the house.

On a side note, we have won the battle with Anna. We had a minor setback for a few days over a week ago, but now she knows we have won. We are in charge. She even eats her food straight dry, no water, now. It's nice. She may have had a little bug or was just showing her butt. We will never know, but she is eating now. We were out of town Friday night to Saturday afternoon, so my mom did two feedings. Friday dinner Anna tried to push her, refused to eat and mom gave her a little cheese. Sucker. Saturday morning she gave her no trouble. She gave us no trouble at dinner Saturday or at all since. Good girl.

Our trip was to visit T's grandmother, two friends, JT & Batman, and go to IKEA! We came back with a new couch, new chair, bookcase and some small stuff. The greys did not care for the living room reorganization, even though it included a new couch. We ended up putting a blanket on the couch and slowly they began to approve. How they dislike change.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why it is so important that your one grey eat her dog food dry. I feed mine dry dog food and put in a glassful of water, usually warm. Is putting water in their kibble harmful in some way I'm not familiar with?

Brittaney said...

Actually, we were putting water in Anna's food for the longest time. During the several week fight with her over food, we found she was actually more likely to eat the plain dry rather than if we put water in it. We still puter water in Berry White's food every meal. I think Anna just liked the dry better. She was less likely to turn her nose up at the food if it was dry than if water was added. Water in the food isn't harmful. Sorry if I presented it in a way that suggested that. It is not and was not "important" that she eat totally dry food. It just turned out that is what ended up working better.

Anonymous said...

Understood. Thanks for the reply! Glad she now enjoys eating her food--nothing is worse than a pet that just won't eat!

Brittaney said...

Not a problem :) She's a good girl. Having had quite an issue with Berry White eating early on, a pet that just won't eat is just awful and we were not going to go thru what we went thru with him again! Thanks for the comments! I hope you enjoy the blog!