Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh how special they are!

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Last year when I was there, I only had 2 greys. Well, my doc asked how my pups were and I old her that we now had three and began to brag on my babies. She asked a few questions and I went on to describe the little idiosyncrasies of greyhounds (blood values, low body fat, being on a leash or fenced in yard and so on). She and her nurse were fascinated. They just kept telling me how they had no idea how different greyhounds were. My doctor also complimented me on how wonderful it is to have people that care so much about a single breed (she had no other patients that have greys that she knows of). There were nothing but compliments and inquiries. It was fantastic.

On a side note, I think we have finally beaten Anna's not eating without much fuss thing. I was really starting to worry about her. I had one good feeding last Friday, no corral necessary. I was out of town until Sunday evening, with just Tim here with them. She gave him trouble all weekend. We had decided to try a mix in of another flavor of food, which I did for dinner on Sunday. So far so good. We will just have to see how it goes.

A little background. Anna, for the last few weeks never wanted to eat. You would have to add a mix in to her food, which only worked sometimes, or hand-feed her some food to get her to eat. Also, we were using chairs to corral her into an area to eat. We tried waiting her out, but she would eventually just lay down. We praised her and gave her a treat when she finished eating. Nothing was consistently working. We were advised to praise her, take her food away if she didn't eat in X time (I couldn't do that due to past experiences with Berry White), don't feed her right after she comes in (in case she's hot, since it is VERY hot and humid here already) and/or change her food. We tried it all and finally made it to the food change. Like I said, so far so good. Dinner is in 15 minutes, so we shall see if we can get 3 in a row!

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Unknown said...

Well, when dogs get as much love, special treatment and attention as you give those three, I can understand if they get it in their heads that it's OK to be picky eaters. She may just be the first one to have caught on. Hopefully they won't start insisting on t-bones or freshly caught rabbit meat :-).