Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome and intro...

Welcome to my blog. I decided recently that it would be a neat idea to blog about the hounds, since they are such a huge part of our lives now. I could talk about day-to-day life with greyhounds, and just maybe it could become a guide for future potential adopters to see what life with these guys is really like. So, I'll start with a little about our hounds. Our first grehound was Berry White. We adopted him from Circle of Friends Greyhound Adoptions in Statesville, NC in July 2006, while we were living in Charlotte, NC. Berry was just turning 6. He is white with brindle ticking. Berry was a little pushy and demanding. He threw his feet up on people and was a bit of a handful.... the solution, get another.

So, almost exactly a month later we adopted Anna from the same group. Anna had just turned 2. She is red. She was very shy at first, but is now very spunky and a greyt snuggler.

In December 2006 we moved back to Louisiana and lived with my parents while we built our new house. As the time approached to move into the house, we toyed with trying to adopt one of Anna's brothers. We had started volunteering with GPA-LA and had made some contacts and starting making arrangements. When things started to fall apart a bit, we were given the option to adopt a 2 year old blue male. We jumped on it! So, on the day we moved into our new home, September 1st, we brought home greyhound #3, Dax aka Danger Dog. So, now we have the three hounds and every day is an adventure. They are always doing something new or different. It is so awesome living with them. They stay home muzzled during the day... keeps them out of trouble.... and at night they sleep with us. Yes, when they want to, 3 greyhounds have the option of sleeping in our king-sized bed with us.... and they often do! We love these guys.

We are very active with GPA-LA and have started fostering. We had our first foster, Chloe, a few weeks ago. She was returned thru no fault of her own. She's a little red girl, only a few years old. She was only with us for about 7 days. We brought her to her forever home where she lives with a family and another grey. She is doing wonderfully there.

This past Wednesday, we got our second foster Clyde. He is a 2 year old black boy with only a little white on his chest and back feet. It has been fun to watch his personality develop over the last few days. He is much calmer than my hounds. He does cry a little when we leave. He is crated when we are not home and muzzled when we aren't watching. He likes to chew stuff - we are working on that. He very sweet. He has learned about the couch - which he got on with the first day of being at our house - but he isn't a big couch hog. He has also figured out he can get on our bed, and even slept with us all night last night. He has also fallen off both the bed and the couch LOL but he is ok. He will make a greyt first greyhound for someone. Well, I hope to post here often the escapades of my hounds and any fosters we have about. Enjoy.

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