Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Cindy!

This is Cindy, or as I often call her, Cindy Lou Who, like from Dr. Suess, LOL. She's a wonderful, almost 2 year old red girl. She's currently fostered in my "working home" with 3 other greyhounds and is doing very well. She kennels when we are away, and does just fine going in and chomping down on her peanut butter filled kong. She's very friendly and shows that she would likely do well with children. Not too much bothers her. Initial introductions suggest she will likely be small animal friendly, but her formal cat test will be this week sometime. She hasn't really shown any interest in toys yet. She has not gotten on the couches, but does like to snuggle in the bed. She's a good snuggler! She walks on the leash nicely. No pulling, just the occasional side move when she gets distracted. :) She gets along great with our greyhounds and has been a perfect houseguest. All in all, Cindy is an absolutely wonderful greyhound who would make a great addition to someone's family!

By the way, this picture was taken after being in our home less than 24 hours. She's such a laid back girl!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Awww... its so nice when they are already perfect.

jacocabell said...

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