Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tagging your dog !

Lets talk about tags, yes tags.
Does your dog have along with a personal ID tag an adoption group identification tag ? Each adoption group has their own ID tag that typically bears an individual number that links it to your dog in the group database. Should the dog escape and picked up by someone, they can call the number on the tag and the group can identify the dog. This system WORKS, I got a call on a Friday morning and within minutes I knew who the dog was and was tracking down the owner, within a half hour dog and human were reunited. Several times a year dogs escape and their tags bring them home. Having said that, If you DONT have a tag from the group you originally got your dog from or have moved to this area from elsewhere please contact us and I will send you a short information form to complete so we can issue you one. If it is lost we wont bark to loud LOL let us know and we will get another one to you. Your dog does not have to have been adopted from IAGA however if you got your dog from another active local group you are contractually obligated to keep that tag on your dog, so we will not replace active local groups tags. Should you have a non greyhound and would like us to issue a tag to that pup we would be happy to do so.
You can never be to rich to skinny or have to many id tags on your dog.

Lesley Ezkovich
It's A Grey Area Greyhound Adoption


houndstooth said...

Ours have the adoption group's tags, our tags, rabies tags and now microchip tags! Soon we're buying them wallets for their ID's, but it will be totally worth it! :)

Anonymous said...

My two greyts are microchiped along with their Greyhound Pets of America, So. Nevada tag. Thanks for reminding folks how important tags are when your fur ball is lost.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm very anal about tags! But I hate jingling, so they wear one tag with this info:

Dog's Name & Last Name
Street address
My cell #
Husband's cell #
Local Greyhound Group #

And they are microchipped.

jet said...

My dogs have tags and microchips. From experience though, tags aren't always helpful because dogs often lose their collars when/if they go AWOL. Barbie doesn't have GAP details on her tags, I'd prefer to get the call myself (and GAP don't 'contractually' require it). I would call GAP if I had lost her though and needed their expert help, and if she was sent to them, they could easily identify her from her ear tattoos!

klvanderlick said...

I'm not a greyhound owner, but a week ago we found a lost greyhound. She had a tag with the adoption agency's contact information, and within minutes they were able to tell me who she was! A representative from the agency was there to pick her up within an hour! The greyhound and her family are now happily reunited...all thanks to a simple tag. Without the tag, she may have not had such a happy ending.