Friday, February 12, 2010

So very sorry it's been so very long...

Wow, it was way too long between posts, but at least I have a reason for it this time..

First, to follow up on the kamikaze cat issue. When my in-laws came for Christmas, our two cats moved back to Mississippi with them. So, now we are a 3 dog, no cat household and things have been much calmer. We don't get to cat test anymore, but we can take any foster.

Now, for the reason behind my long delay. We started a new greyhound rescue group. You read that right. My very good friend Lesley and I left GPA-LA/MS and started a new group. This happened in January after their were some policy changes that we did not agree with. This was not just a whim, but had been heading in this direction for a while. There was a point right after Christmas where it looked like everything would be settled, but it all fell apart and we moved on.

So, now I am the Vice President of It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption, Inc. We are incorporated in Louisiana and are filing for 501(3)c status. Pretty cool, huh? I am very excited. It has been a wild busy ride, but so worth it! We got 4 dogs and have placed 2 already. We took in an older dog from another program after the passing of his owner and we have a young girl coming. Everything has been moving so fast and we have accomplished so much in such a short time. I built the group a website ( As a part of that I designed our logo and we have t-shirts of our logo and a fleur de lis version for sale online (*). I just registered us for Petfinder. I don't have the link for that yet, but it's coming soon.

Now you can see why it has been a while :) Our hounds are fine. Berry White seems to be showing some signs of arthritis, but we are dealing with it. Anna is just herself, but we have apparently solved her eating issues. Apparently, it's fine if we have the same dry kibble all the time as long as I wet it and give her a spoonful of wet food that we change every can. We just started Dax on melatonin, in an attempt to grow some hair on him and see if it makes a difference attitude wise.

That is where we are now and life is good! Oh, I almost forgot, it snowed today! Berry White LOVES the snow! I'll put some pictures up here to go with this...(our house; Anna; Scarlet; Dax; Berry White; Berry White)


houndstooth said...

Wow! A new group is a huge undertaking! I wish you the very best of luck!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Good luck with your new group. That is how Southeastern Greyhound Adoption was started. We split off thinking we could do better and we have. We have placed around 1500 dogs, I think.

Sistertex said...

Great to hear you started a gh rescue group. Wonderful. Stressful to be sure. I did this back in 1995. Organized GPA-MN. Was all consuming but totally worth it.

Good luck to you.

Kale S said...

Thiss was a lovely blog post