Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Foster #14 - Jupiter

So, when we passed Fox on to his next foster home at the Play Day this past Sunday, we came home with another instead. Now we have FF Jupiter, aka Jupiter. She is a sweet and sassy, cute little girl who has not proven to be cat safe as she was said to be when tested at the track, by the other group or whoever. I am not really sure, but she walked in here and wanted to eat the cats. So, she is crated when we are not home, which we would not normally do with a girl after the first day or so, if all was going well. She wears a muzzle while out and about in the house. We keep the cats out of our bedroom at night, so she is muzzle-free then and is right now, baby-gated in the office with Dax, Anna and I. She just is still way too interested in the cats. She whines, she chases, but the snapping has subsided, so that's good. She responds to correction, but is very focused. We'll see how she does in the next week or two. Hopefully we can get her to come around. She's the "worst" we have had. Luckily, we know how to deal with her and are very careful. I guess that's kind of what fostering should be about. So, without further ado, here is our resident cat eater in training :)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She is cute! Good luck!

Paula Royce said...

If anyone can bring her around it's you and Tim. Good luck.

You should tell Fox's new parents that he's in the GPA/LA 2010 calendar with your last name :-).

Also, you may want to spread the word that Joyce intends to bring the calendars to the Lure Coursing event this Saturday...hot off the press!

As usual, your group made the calendar special...and most of the Lago Boys too? Well, we were delighted. We hope you agree.

Sisters Pet Pics will be at the event on Saturday taking pictures for fun, but one never knows, if I get something good it will probably end up in a gallery or the blog. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

OMG! How bizarre. I clicked into your blog through Greytalk, and can't believe you are fostering FF Jupiter! I just adopted FF Jackhammer, her littermate. Jack also tested "cat safe" at the track but at his first home was wayyy too interested. Small dogs can also rile his prey drive, although he totally ignores my parents' pugs... maybe too strange looking to be considered dogs. Jack is also sassy like Jupiter- LOADS of personality, and loads of energy too! I have lots of pics of him on my blog, if you're interested: http://trailhoundz.blogspot.com

I'll definitely bookmark your page!


P.S.- I've been in touch with FF Jumpin Johnny's new owners, who say he's a peach. I also was in touch with the FF kennel owner and got puppy pictures of the litter, if you (or Jupiter's new owners) are interested. :o)

Brittaney said...


That is so cool! We actually passed Jupiter on to anotehr foster home, but she, through a strange series of events is coming back to us tomorrow morning, so we will have her again. I'm sure i'll post another blog about her and some more pics since she's going to be back for a little bit. :)

Wherever she ends up, I'll be sure to pass you their contact info. Also, we get a lot of dogs, at least we have lately, including yesterday, from Joe Fusaro. He is friends with our kennel director. She just adopted FF Crossfire from him yesterday. FF Lucky Louie is with our group looking for a home right now. We recently placed FF Peppermint, FF Lightning and FF Cowboy as well. Such a small world!

I'll be bookmarking your blog as well!