Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, we picked up our latest foster, FF Peppermint, otherwise known as Paddywack. He is an 80 pound black boy, about Dax's size. He is big, sweet, funny, silly, goofball. He is terrible in the car. He just tried to get in the front seat of the car a good bit of the trip. In the house, he is okay with the cats. Just a little, pushy interested, but he'll be fine. He is always on the furniture, which is fine with us. He loves the couch and slept with us last night. He is still learning to work the couch, and has fallen off twice :) He is unhurt. He actually just slept right there on the floor where he fell! He has gotten in Tim's lap a few times and mine as well. This dog is a ton of fun, stubborn, but fun! He's learning some manners and figuring out how things work off the track. Here are a few pictures of Paddywack.

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Life With Dogs said...

Wait until he gets a chance to meet the stairs! Or has he? :)