Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kiowa Sweet Trey

Kiowa Sweet Trey, son of Oswald Cobblepot, half-brother to our Berry White (Kiowa Gal Berry), passed away last week. I won't even try to summarize his life and career, as others already have done better than I could. One such post is below.

His lineage on greyhound-data:

Kiowa Sweet Trey
7 Jan 2000 - 15 July 2009


Nick said...

I know this is years too late, but I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Kiowa Sweet Trey. I believe one of my rescues (racing name Maximino) was sired by him.

Nick said...

My apologies. It was my other rescue, (racing name DC Jan's Pick) that was sired by Kiowa Sweet Trey. She too has recently been diagnosed with a liver ailment.

fayeruz said...

Hi there! My dog was certainly sired by your dog. Her racing name was Sweetie Pie and she was born in April 2006. I rescued her from a race track in Mexico. Her name is Olivia and she's been happily living with us in Los Angeles since 2008.

For some reason, I randomly Googled the term "Greyhound" and I noticed Olivia's dad right away from the Greyhound Data photo.

I am so sorry for your loss. Your dog is alive and well in our pet and countless others. Not sure of the temprement of your dog, but Olivia is agile and spritely like a puppy. Playful and fierce, even though she's "middle aged."

Thanks for your post, I can't wait to share!

cb said...

My husband and I have just begun our Greythound journey. We rescued Sendahl Walker. He was born Sept. 14, 2007. We knew early on he was sired by Kiowa Sweet Trey and In doing some research, we see that his father was quite the dog. His grandfather on his mom's side is Gable Dodge so we feel very blessed to have a dog with such a wonderful ancestry. Walker is a very stately and handsome fellow AND he knows it! He is a wonderful, friendly boy and we look forward to several years with him. Can't imagine how difficult Kiowa Sweet Trey's passing was and probably still is.

cb said...

My husband and I have just begun our greyhound journey. We adopted a retired racer who was sired by Kiowa Sweet Trey. His birthday is Sept.14, 2007. His racing name was Sendahl Walker. He is a very stately, handsome boy and he KNOWS it. He evidently recognized and appreciated his lineage before we did. I'm sure Kiowa Sweet Trey's passing was and still is difficult. He evidently was an exceptional hound!

alley cat said...

my dog is his daughter superior dazzle i love her and we live with k con last chance her long lost cuz