Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blood Level Averages

Here is some interesting info pulled from "Platelete Concentration and Hemoglobin Function in Greyhounds", Patrick Sullivan, DVM.

This research paper dealt with a comparison of blood level average s between greyhounds and non greyhounds. Here are the averages for the 36 greyhounds that they pulled blood on. All of these greyhounds were free from any tick diseases. These can be compared to the results that are found in a CBC (Complete Blood Count) run by your Vet).

Value Average

HGB 19.86 +/1.56

PCV 53.6 +/- 3.8
Packed Cell Volume

RBC 6.66 +/-0.4
Red Blood Cells

Protein Totals 6.2 +/0.4

MCV 81.2 +/-8.2
Mean Corpuscular Volume

MCH 30.03 +/3.09
Mean Cellular Hemoglobin

MCHC 37.10 +/1.51
Mean Cellular Hemoglobin Concentration

WBC 7,886 +/-2,285
White Blood Cells

Segmented Neutrophils 5,867 +/-2,285

Band Neutrophils 22 +/51

Lymphocytes 1,735 +/836

Monocytes 194 +/-147

Eosinophils 74 +/-93

Basophils 5 +/-19

Platelet Count 154 +/43

MPV 8.81 +/1.46
Mean Platelet Volume

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