Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm waaaaaayyyyy behind!

Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote. We've just been oh so very busy!

A few quick notes.... back on the 10th of December we got 5 1/2" of snow! In Louisiana! It was amazing!
All the pics can be found here! I have videos too, but have yet to get them off of my camera! I post a link when I upload the videos.

Christmas was greyt! The pups got a ton of toys thanks to us, family members and their Greytalk secret Santa's (thanks again!)

Today is New Year's. Tonight is the LSU game. We are going to watch it with my parents and chill with some close friends and watch movies. They are in the midst of losing one of their dogs, a lab-mix. It's a very sad situation. They just want a quiet evening, so no fireworks, but that's fine by us.

We're getting our first foster of the New Year this weekend. I'll post about him once he arrives.

On a non-grey note, I got a new car on the 20th! It's a 2009 VW Rabbit! I love it! I think we're going to call it Esca, which means lure or bait in Italian. It maybe should be a German name, but all our cars have Italian names, whether they are Italian or not, and German is just not a fun language to speak. The words all sound vulgar :oP

So that's my quick notes. I'll try to get back to posting at least once a week again as soon as things get back to normal, whatever normal is :o)

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