Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustave - Post 3 (Monday Morning)

Well, It is morning now. We had some rain overnight. Definitely raining now. Wind is picking up. We obviously still have power. They say it has moved a little west and won't be as bad here as it was expected. But we will still have HOURS of wind and rain. So far so good. I think it will be fine. We are watching the trees sway across the street. When it gets stronger, I'll take some video. The pups are all still calm. I think it may be because we are letting them stay in the bedroom if they want to. So far, all have chosen to. Go figure.

And by the way..... today is the 1 year Anniversary of us moving into the new house. It is also 1 year today that Dax came home. Happy 1st Gotcha Day my blue boy!

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